Windsor MP Adam Afriyie has been banned from Russia

Windsor MP Adam Afriyie is among 287 MPs banned from Russia in retaliation for UK sanctions.

The Russian Foreign Office announced today (27 April) that it has banned nearly 300 British MPs from entering the Russian Federation in response to sanctions against Russian politicians.

In the press release, they accuse the parliamentarians listed of “stirring up Russophobic hysteria”.

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It said: “The hostile rhetoric and outlandish accusations coming from the mouths of British parliamentarians not only condone London’s hostile course, aimed at demonizing our country and its international isolation, but are also used by opponents of a mutually respectful dialogue with Russia. undermine the foundations of bilateral cooperation.

Longtime Windsor MP Adam Afriyie was among those listed.

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Mr. Afriyie said: “I very much enjoyed my stay in Russia a few years ago. Moscow is a wonderful city and I respect and admire these ordinary Russians, who share the same concerns, hopes and aspirations as all of us.

“I love the Russian people, but I hate their government, which led them to a brutal and unprovoked invasion of sovereign Ukraine. I look forward to visiting Russia again when peace is restored, which unfortunately seems unlikely under the current regime.