When the Aerosmith catering team took a disgusting revenge

The world of rock and roll is full of insane stories of seriously questioned humanity. Whether it was GG Allin’s belligerent antics on stage, Keith Moon’s almost psychotic penchant for blowing things up, or the Rolling Stones’ many hijinxes, the rockstars of old have cultivated notoriety for their appetite for destruction. .

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of those who had to endure the other side of such a gluttonous addiction to hell-breeding weren’t very satisfied. Famously, the Who were banned from all Holiday Inns after Keith Moon’s 21st birthday celebrations in 1967. He saw a Lincoln Continental pushed into the pool, a food fight that turned into a real physical feud. .

The era of classic rock is particularly notorious for rockstars making a nuisance to each other. John Lennon’s “Lost Weekend” of 18 months between 1973 and 1975 is also an infamous reflection of this. During the long and prolonged haze of alcohol and drugs, Lennon and his criminal partner Harry Nilsson were kicked out of the Troubadour in LA for heckling the Smothers Brothers. Additionally, there is a rumor that Lennon even punched a waitress while being kicked out, but we’ll let you decide whether that is valid for yourself.

Rock and roll excess reached a boiling point during the 1970s, with the pandora’s box of drug and alcohol abuse that was opened in the 1960s starting to take its toll. It was a time when things got genuinely ridiculous. The death of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin in 1970 due to “mishap” set a pretty stark precedent for the decade to come.

One group that embodied the excesses of the 1970s were the hard rockers Aerosmith. Led by frontman Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry’s “Toxic Twins,” the band was so over the top that they came to the brink at many points in their first decade of careers. Tyler and Perry received this moniker because of their near-constant drug use, which paints a vivid portrait of the type of lifestyle the band lived in their prime.

Suddenly, the group had larger-than-life personalities, and they left a trail of destruction everywhere they went. Naturally, this left a lot of people angry with the group for the recklessness with which they made people’s lives more difficult. In his memories, Does the noise in my head bother you ?, Steven Tyler recalled one instance where people took revenge on the group in the most disgusting way.

The aggrieved parties were the restoration team, and they were fed up with Aerosmith’s disrespect. Tyler did not say where these events took place, but it is one of the most shocking cases of revenge in music history. Apparently, a group of angry catering crew members regularly wiped their buttocks with the baloney on the group’s board and put it back in place for the group to laugh at him without realizing he was covered in stains. of feces.

Tyler said: “I found out years later (through a confessional from a team member) that when the techs got mad at the band, they wiped their asses with the bologna and put back on the charcuterie board “.

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