“Wado” strengthens its ties with the red circle of royal power

The country’s interior minister, Eduardo “Vado” de Pedro, once again showed his guitar fingernails, at a time when the script is starting to settle for 2023. He didn’t cut it down to leading a reserved appointment at the special Alvier Palace. Hotels with businessmen who form a hard core of real power.

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To the remedy, most central government politicians have added a special spice. He asked not to have intermediaries with the most important CEOs who also gravitate internationally. We also learned that it was agreed to treat the dinner with the greatest secrecy.
This was the preamble of the Council of America, intended to strengthen its relationship with the establishment and launch, perhaps, of a future management that offers more predictability, without as many setbacks as the previous ones.
“We must speak without intermediaries. There must be a political and commercial settlement for Argentina,” Eduardo “Vado” de Pedro said on Wednesday in a charming room at the Alvar Palace hotel, in front of an auditorium made up of businessmen and executives. large Argentine and North American companies. presence of ambassadors
Vado cheese is valued by locals and foreigners. This is no longer a surprise in the ruling party. Moreover, they continue to see it as the most drinkable card to play in 2023. And in protest, they are beginning to realize that the competition will not be easy. It is that the Minister of the Interior displays a more exciting impression and profile in the face of an opposition landscape which shows more questions than certainties. He comes from Pedro without problems, interweaving relations without prejudices about his political affiliation, overcoming the wall of several years between Kirchnerism and the establishment.


The Council of America has selected the chief representative of the Vado-Cabinet for an “extra-official” agenda and outside the program of the annual conference, organized in cooperation with the Argentine Chamber of Commerce. In fact, it exceeded the expectations of Minister Sergio Massa himself, who canceled the institutional deliberations yesterday. The discussion on the vado was not on the agenda, but the invitation was more suggestive for this reason.
America Society/Council of America President Susan Siegel praised the minister for her political “growth” over the past few months. The main event brought together leading local businessmen as well as North American business leaders and diplomats.

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According to La Nacion newspaper, de Pedro sat at the table with the United States’ ambassador, Jorge Argüello, and the northern country’s ambassador to Argentina, Mark Stanley. Additionally, he has shared with CEOs and owners of major corporations. Among others, he was close to ministers Alejandro Bulgheroni (Pan American Energy), Eduardo Elsztán (ERSA), Martín Ernacion (Aeropuertos Argentina 2000) and the president of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Natalio Mario Grinman, as well as José Luis Manzano. The emblematic officer of Mnemismo and an important support in the political career of Sergio Massa. Manzano lives in Geneva, but the impression of the Minister of Economy pushed him to stay in Buenos Aires. He also saw Juan Martín de la Serna (President of Mercado Libre), Hugo Dragnetti (Panedil) and Martín Genesio (AES Argentina) in the charming hall of Palazzo Alvar. Everyone ate braised beef with caramelized onions.

without intermediaries

“We must speak without intermediaries and without defining policies that cross couples. Where we all give a little and agree on a production model that we all respect in the medium and long term,” “Wado” told the businessmen. In addition, he speculated that he would meet with a delegation of governors from the north of the country. Plan to travel to the United States together.
The Minister of the Interior thus continues to operate in areas outside the borders of pure and hard Kirchnerism, in a gesture that positions him as “president”, even if it is not known how the Front de tous will be realigned in 2023. And where the reconfiguration is performed. Today, in disagreement with Alberto Fernandez, will be assigned its maximum political leader, the vice president.


This isn’t the first time Wado has come up against a local and North American establishment. Last year, the costume of “chancellor” of the government is already judged in front of a red circle during a secret conversation with top Argentine businessmen in Lalo Llao (Bariloche) and during a virtual meeting with around 90 directors of large companies grouped together in the Chamber of Commerce. It was over the United States of America (AMCHAM). Before that, they had barbecues and relationship dinners and a few weeks ago they were received with great fanfare at a high profile business conference, which was also revealed by the Mater newspaper, a fact which was in the political reading of the time. At least it wasn’t. they live.