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Today is the day when proof of vaccination is required to access certain events, services and businesses. You can do this by showing your BC Vaccine Card.

A partial vaccination (one dose) is necessary from September 13. You must be fully immunized with two doses by October 24.

It has been a confusing time for people to understand what can and cannot be accessible with and without vaccines right now and for companies to understand how to implement the requirements.

In Chemainus, the delay before the application dates made the general manager of the Chemainus and District Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center, Emily Weeks, keen to ensure residents are informed.

“Fortunately, a large majority of questions were answered and clarified after the Sept. 7 announcement via the website,” Weeks noted. “Finally, there are specific examples of who needs to implement this new mandate and who does not. “

You can view these details.

Individuals were able to get their digital immunization cards after the announcement, but businesses were unable to download the BC Vaccine Card Verifier app until September 13.

“This app is the way businesses will be able to verify vaccination cards, as well as identification,” Weeks said.

Many questions remain unanswered and hopefully will become clearer in the days to come.

Weeks have thrown in a few for food for thought.

“What remains to be confirmed is how companies should apply this. Will there be funds to hire an additional person to hold the door full time? Our workforce is already running out of steam. and not many people would volunteer for this position to begin with. What are businesses supposed to do if a customer gets angry? “

She added that customer service employees are not police officers and are already stretched to the limit. There are fears that the additional stress on employers and employees will only worsen the workforce crisis.

By order of the provincial health official, the required proof of vaccination applies to all persons born in 2009 or before (12 years and over) and covers: indoor sporting events with more than 50 people; indoor concerts, theater, dance and symphonic events with more than 50 people; licensed restaurants and cafes and restaurants and cafes that offer table service (indoor and outdoor dining areas), including liquor tasting rooms in wineries, breweries or distilleries; pubs, bars and lounges (indoor dining room and terrace); night clubs, casinos and cinemas; gymnasiums, exercise / dance facilities / studios and those activities that take place in recreational facilities; companies offering indoor exercise / fitness; indoor group and team sports for adults 22 years of age and over; events organized indoors with 50 or more people; indoor group classes and recreational activities with more than 50 people such as pottery, art and choir; housing for post-secondary students; and spectators at indoor sporting events for young people bringing together more than 50 people.

Examples of places that do not require proof of vaccination include: grocery stores, liquor stores, and pharmacies; unlicensed restaurants that do not offer table service such as fast food restaurants, cafes, food courts, food trucks and take out; non-seating tasting rooms attached to wineries, breweries or distilleries; local public transport (BC Transit, TransLink, BC Ferries); hairdressing salons, hairdressers and barbers; hotels, resorts, cabins and campgrounds, unless this is a setting or event covered by the PHO ordinance and does not include exercise / fitness facilities training in hotels reserved for clients; swimming pools (unless it is the venue of an event) and ice rinks (unless used for adult sport); banks and credit unions; retail and clothing stores; public libraries, museums, art galleries (unless they are the location of an event); food banks and shelters; escape rooms, laser tag, indoor paint ball, arcades, and bowling alleys (if not allowed or offer food-related table service); post-secondary cafeterias on campus; airport food courts and restaurants; health care services, rehabilitation or exercise therapy programs, and drug and alcohol support group meetings; and social services provided to people in need.

You do not have to show proof of vaccination at events such as: church services; indoor recreational sport for youth 21 and under; before and after school programs for K-12 students; events and activities for students in public and independent schools from kindergarten to 12th grade; and events organized in halls for less than 50 people, excluding sports for adults.

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