Tourism on track for a strong summer, says BTA – The Royal Gazette

Updated: April 17, 2022 10:18 PM

Hotel bookings for next month’s Sail GP event are strong, according to the Bermuda Tourism Authority (file photo)

Tourism-related businesses were told tonight to be ready for thousands of visitors as the Bermuda Tourism Authority predicted a heavy summer season.

BTA chief executive Charles Jeffers II said hotels would be nearly full for the return of the SailGP contest next month.

A spokeswoman said: “As Covid-related travel restrictions continue to be eased, travel is gradually returning to Bermuda, and all indicators point to a busy year ahead.

“After two years of low demand and travel restrictions that have crippled Bermuda’s tourism industry, local businesses are encouraged to prepare for a surge in visitor numbers in the months ahead.”

Charles Jeffers II, chief executive of the Bermuda Tourism Authority (file photo)

Mr Jeffers said: “Hotels on the island would be almost full for the next SailGP events on May 14th and 15th.

“We haven’t seen this kind of occupation in years, and it seems to be staying strong throughout the summer.

“I encourage all local businesses to be ready to welcome thousands of visitors from around the world, eager to return to Bermuda’s beautiful shores and the hospitality we are known for.”

The BTA is recruiting to fill several positions and “will seek to fill these vacancies with Bermudians whenever possible,” the spokesperson added.

The Royal Gazette reported last week that Douglas Trueblood, the organization’s Director of Sales and Marketing, had left the BTA, as had Amanda Dempsey, the BTA’s longtime Marketing Director.

Wayne Caines, Chairman of the Bermuda Tourism Authority Board of Directors (file photo)

Wayne Caines, Chairman of the Board of the Tourism Authority, added, “BTA’s leadership in helping to restore Bermuda’s tourism industry is more important than ever.

“As a destination marketing organization, the BTA is responsible for raising the profile of Bermuda among leisure and business travelers and organizing events like the successful USATF event and the upcoming SailGP which attract thousands of visitors and raise Bermuda’s profile globally.

“It’s vital for our economic recovery.”

Other events on the calendar include the Clipper Around the World Race in June as well as Sport Fishing, the Triple Crown Bluefish Championship in July and the Butterfield Bermuda PGA Championship and Black Golfers Week, both in October.

The BTA spokeswoman said: ‘In the meantime, the organization will continue to promote local island celebrations to visitors, including Bermuda Day, Bermuda Carnival and the community’s flagship cultural event. of the summer, Cup Match.

“Tourism stakeholders and entrepreneurs can expect a welcome increase in tourist numbers in the coming months, and the Bermuda Tourism Authority has called on the wider community to prepare for the influx of visitors. on our shores.

“From taxi drivers, hoteliers, restaurateurs and public transport providers to retailers and artists, projections indicate there is huge potential for increased tourism revenue across the industry.”