Stranded Spirit Airlines crew slept on airport floors: union official

  • Spirit Airlines crew slept on airport floors amid operational slumps, a union official told The Guardian.
  • He said some crew members were stranded for up to 30 hours with no communication from officials.
  • Spirit’s crew protested staff shortages and flight cancellations.

Spirit Airlines crew slept on airport floors amid operational meltdowns that left them stranded until 30 a.m., a union official said.

“We had flight attendants getting kicked out of airports in the middle of the night,” said Don Reno Intreglia, a Spirit crew member and the airline’s vice president for the Association of Flight Attendants – Communications Workers union. of America (AFA-CWA). told the Guardian.

The Spirit team found themselves stranded far from home, with no hotel beds to sleep in, and left for up to 30 hours without communication from their managers, Intreglia told the newspaper.

“It’s been horrible for the morale of the flight attendants, because you’re sleeping in an airport, you have basically nowhere to go,” he said.

Intreglia added: “We want the traveling public to know that we are trying to pressure management to make some serious changes, so that we are ready for summer travel.”

Gary Peterson, vice-president of Transport Workers United’s airline division, told the Guardian: “Sleeping in the airport corridor – that’s never happened in the industry, and now it’s becoming the new norm.”

Labor shortages continue to pose challenges for the aviation industry. Airlines have increased wages and bonuses in an effort to attract and retain workers.

The AFA-CWA union told the Guardian that Spirit had suffered four operational collapses since August 2021, a much higher number than usual.

Spirit flight attendants staged protests at airports in Orlando, Dallas and Las Vegas in mid-April over staffing shortages and flight cancellations, which left staff ‘stranded at airports overnight and often without hotel accommodations,” according to the AFA-CWA.

Spirit did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.