Services for Indonesian Hajj pilgrims meet standards: minister

Praise be to God, in general, it is ready and meets the standards. We will continue to provide the best service to Indonesian pilgrims

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas has affirmed that facilities for Indonesian pilgrims during the 2022 Hajj season in Mecca, Saudi Arabia are ready and have been prepared to standard.

“Praise God, in general, it is ready and meets the standards. We will continue to provide the best service to Indonesian pilgrims,” ​​Qoumas noted in a press release on Friday.

The minister also traveled to Saudi Arabia to directly monitor preparations for the service for Indonesian pilgrims. He used several facilities available at the hotel, including one of the intercity buses that will transport pilgrims.

The hotels reviewed by Qoumas are located in two different areas: the Al Khulafaa-3 hotel in the Syisyah area, with a capacity of 800 pilgrims, and the Tharawat Al-Rawda hotel in the Raudhah 1 area, with a capacity of 499 pilgrims.

“I make sure that the capacity of the hotel is adequate and that the facilities are good according to contractual standards. I see that the hotel is good,” he remarked.

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The hotel facilities used by Qoumas included an elevator, bathrooms, washing machines, prayer room, dining room, and drinking water facilities on each floor.

The minister also urged hotel staff to always maintain cleanliness and focus on the safety and comfort of pilgrims. In addition, the duration of the pilgrimage to stay in the hotel in Makkah is quite long, up to 25 days.

He also reviewed transport services at the Ajyad terminal which served the Misfalah-Jiyad route. Qoumas checked the availability of buses at the terminal.

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“I had also tried driving one of the intercity buses. The bus is still in very good condition, with most of them less than five years old and appearing to be well maintained,” he said.

He even urged transport providers to pay attention to air conditioning to avoid overheating or heat waves in their buses.

The minister also reviewed the readiness of catering services at Al Jauhara Kitchen in Makkah region to ensure the capacity of the kitchen, sanitary and cooking facilities used, as well as the process of storing food ingredients.

“I remind catering providers to adjust their meals according to the Indonesian palate. They should distribute meals just in time,” he concluded.

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