Rosh Reign envisions a ‘firm’ music empire | Entertainment

Former “Digicel Rising Stars” contestant Rosh Reign, who recently changed her name from Rosh Rebel, has some places to go. The Montego Bay native wants to create a royal music empire.

Last week, the singer and songwriter returned to the ‘Rising Stars’ stage, where she successfully delivered her single, titled Solidify. In an interview after the performance, Rosh Reign called the moment “nostalgic.”

“It was exciting to be on this stage in a different capacity – this time not as a competitor, but as a recording artist who grew vocally not just as a performer, but by being on stage. comfortable on a stage,” she said. the gleaner.

Rosh Reign was part of the all-female trio, SLR, that finished in the top three of the competition in 2008, the year Cameal Davis won the title.

“The last time I stood before Anthony [Miller]his comments weren’t that cool or the nicest,” she shared.

As one of the resident judges since “Digicel Risings Stars” first aired on TVJ in 2004, Anthony “Killer” Miller has earned a reputation as the hardest to please. Sometimes he’s called “the judge everyone loves to hate,” as host Terri-Karelle Reid said in her introduction. Miller’s criticism of the contestants’ performances and vocal styles can be harsh, but for the few who receive a good review, it’s usually laced with witty comparisons.

“I mean Anthony means no harm,” joked Rosh Reign, when asked about her overall experience as a contestant, adding that “it’s to help the performer at the end of the day”.

“As a performer, it’s helpful to accept constructive criticism…although sometimes it doesn’t feel as constructive…because it allows you to focus more on your view of themselves. That’s also know when to block – and what to block – and when not to block.

The tomorrow The singer’s advice to the Season 18 finalists is to stay focused despite all the chatter from the critics. She said that while it may not seem possible at one point, it may come to fruition later or turn into something bigger.

Rosh Reign currently works in the tourism and hospitality industry as a cabaret performer in the Montego Bay hospitality scene. She’s been working on her first EP since starting her professional recording journey, but explained that “school was in the mix too.”

“I was studying business, but I stayed focused. The goal is to focus on your end goal. Being a cabaret performer has also helped my growth because the more you sing, the more you can recognize your vocal abilities and improve areas that aren’t as strong,” she said.

She recently made a major career move by signing a management deal with Texas label City Rock Entertainment, and is expected to start exploring new markets in the near future. His first release since signing the new contract is a collaboration with dancehall lyricist Devin Di Dakta titled Easy. It was produced by ZH King.

“People will see me at the Kingston circuit because I come into town a lot. And there is still a lot of work to do to promote my first EP, which took a while to arrive. The team just wants to make sure we have the right people in our corner to get the ball rolling. I don’t want to reveal too much just yet, but I firmly believe that great things are afoot, and from me to global audiences,” Rosh Reign said.

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