Police: 6 killed, including a gunman, in shootings in the Denver area

DENVER (AP) – An armed man who engaged in a deadly shooting in several business districts in Denver and surrounding areas was targeting at least some of his victims, authorities said on Tuesday.

DENVER (AP) – An armed man who engaged in a deadly shooting in several business districts in Denver and surrounding areas was targeting at least some of his victims, authorities said on Tuesday.

The suspect in Monday’s shooting killed five people, including one who died of her injuries on Tuesday, police said.

The shooter also died after exchanging gunfire with officers in a Denver suburban shopping district in Lakewood on Monday night. Police identified him on Tuesday as Lyndon James McCleod, 47.

Two other people were injured, including an officer as police chased the suspect.

Matt Clark, commander of the Denver Police Department’s major crimes division, told a press conference that McCleod was on law enforcement radar and knew some of his victims. Authorities did not say why authorities had investigated McCleod in the past, but noted that no charges had been laid.

The shooting began shortly after 5 p.m. in central Denver along Broadway, a busy street lined with shops, bars and restaurants, where two women were killed and a man injured, Pazen said. On Tuesday, candles and bouquets of flowers lay outside the door of a nearby tattoo parlor.

Shortly after, a man was shot dead at another location, Pazen said. Shots were also fired along another busy street near Denver Health Hospital, but no one was injured.

Denver Police later pursued the vehicle suspected of having been involved in the shooting and exchanged gunshots with the person inside, but the suspect was able to escape after “deactivating” the car. police, Pazen said. The suspect then fled to Lakewood.

Just before 6 p.m., the Lakewood Police Department received a report of shots fired at a business in the town, said John Romero, a spokesperson for the department.

A gunshot victim was later found and pronounced dead at the scene.

When officers found the car suspected of being involved in the Belmar shopping district, the suspect opened fire and officers fired back. The suspect fled and allegedly threatened someone at a business with a gun before heading to a Hyatt hotel and shooting an employee, who was taken to hospital, Romero said.

The hotel employee, identified Tuesday as Sarah Steck, has since died.

The suspect also shot and injured a Lakewood police officer in the abdomen after leaving the hotel, Romero said. The officer retaliated and the suspect was killed, killing the suspect.

The injured officer, whose name has not been released, underwent surgery on Monday evening. She is expected to make a full recovery.

In the Belmar shopping district of Lakewood on Tuesday, where stores line the sidewalks in a modern version of a downtown, plywood covered some of the windows of a wood-fired pizzeria where workers cleaned the interior. Investigators were also checking a store’s aluminum window frame for bullet holes. Nearby on the street, which was decorated with large silver holiday ornaments, was an older two-door Honda Civic with a bullet in the hood and a flat front tire.

Family members identified one of the victims on Tuesday as Alicia Cardenas, 44, who was killed in the first shooting.

Alfredo Cardenas told KMGH-TV that Alicia Cardenas, his only daughter, owned her first tattoo parlor when she was 19 and worked at the Broadway site in Denver for 15 to 20 years.

“Very sociable, very sympathetic, but he was a very determined person,” he said. “She knew where she was going.

Alicia Cardenas is survived by her 12-year-old child, said Alfredo Cardenas.


Associated Press photographer David Zalubowski contributed to this report.

Colleen Slevin, The Associated Press

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