Passengers praise crew as Pacific Explorer docks with over 100 COVID cases on board

P&O Pacific Explorer arrived in Sydney on Monday morning with more than 100 passengers testing positive for the virus.

But disembarking passengers said it was handled well and only a few passengers caused problems.

At the end of a nine-day round trip from Sydney, there are around 2,800 crew and passengers on board, with all infected people subject to isolation requirements on a separate deck.

Of those infected, passengers who live in Sydney can return home. Those who traveled from the motorway are being accommodated in hotel rooms by P&O.

Sharon Zahabi and her family were sailing on Pacific Explorer and are now isolated.

Mrs. Zahabi said Nine News: “Whenever you enter one of these marquees or theaters or to eat, you have to wear your mask… I mean they clean all the time, sanitize.”

Ms. Zahabi does not see this as a deterrent to future cruise trips.

“We booked knowing there is a chance we could catch COVID and we still came and will also continue to sail.”

Those who were forced to self-isolate during the cruise will receive a refund from P&O.

New South Wales reported 9,761 new COVID cases on July 18.