NRC resumes Kaduna-Abuja rail services after attack

By Ashemiriogwa Emmanuel

A manufacturer of automotive care products, household products, lubricants, hotel equipment and disinfection products in Nigeria, Lanre Bhadmus Industries Limited, has reiterated its commitment to providing high quality products and services to its consumers.

The company, which also prides itself on being a leader in contract packaging with giant types of machines, recently celebrated 50 years in business as well as a key player in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector.

About a week ago, the organization received the Product Quality Service Award from the Institute of Oil & Gas Research and Hydrocarbon Studies for its lubricant product Holts Dextron 11 ATF.

Speaking at the event to commemorate five decades of manufacturing excellence, the company’s CEO, Mr. Lanre Bhadmus, noted that his business has been able to thrive in the Nigerian market by understanding customers , their needs, what they deserve, among others. .

“This is an incredible milestone for the company. We were only able to achieve this through the hard work, passion and dedication of all of our team members, our customers; and the continued support of our families and friends.

“We have dedicated ourselves to 50 years of excellence in manufacturing, product quality and innovative formulations, to provide our customers with the highest quality products in our range of automotive care, household products, d ‘contract packaging, lubricants, hotel equipment and disinfectants,’ remarked Mr Bhadmus.

He further revealed that the company had rebranded its logo on its product line to the official anniversary logo “as a symbol of appreciation” to officially mark the achievement of this milestone.

Highlighting the opportunities that advanced technology presents for the sector, he said the company has invested in new technology, from research machinery manufacturing / innovative formulations to meet the standards required by original equipment manufacturers. (OEM).

He assured stakeholders that the organization will continue to maintain high standards and deliver quality products that will not tear consumers’ pockets.

“Our customers deserve the best and as part of our efforts to ensure that we meet expectations, we have invested in the latest manufacturing technologies to continue to manufacture products that meet world-class standards through technical innovation.

“The needs of manufacturing continue to evolve and it is important that we adapt to ensure efficient delivery in the future,” said the president.

Lanre Bhadmus Industries, which started with car care solutions in 1971 in Lagos, now has around 300 production lines, including liquid household washing products and liquid / spray disinfectant variants.

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