Nick Murphy masterclass at Wade Park for CYMS in Royal Hotel Cup | Daily Central West


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According to Hugh Le Lièvre, the representative honors of Nick Murphy are in place after the teenager played another magnificent move on Friday night. The City Colts went 113 in the Royal Hotel Cup game against CYMS at Wade Park and all eyes were on Murphy in the second inning who came into the game after smoking Kinross for 73 of 50 balls in the first tower. Not only did he not disappoint, but he went even bigger, crushing an eventful 82 not just 47 balls to get CYMS across the line in 15th. The second best with the bat was Ben Bartlett with nine. Greens et Ors captain Le Lièvre said it was a sight to behold. “For a young kid he has an amazing hand eye and his batting speed is phenomenal,” he said. “It’s not too often that you see a young player being able to save a good performance with an even better performance. This kind of chase is really tricky and as a skipper you are never really sure, but then seeing a player go out and take the game to the bowlers was great. ” One of the things that stood out for the captain was Murphy’s ability to shift gears. “He was very aggressive at the start, then he went through a little flat period and he really accelerated at the end of the heat,” he added. “It’s not often that someone is able to do that. One of the best things for me is that he hits the ball straight. He hit some really big sixes in a row and it was great to watch. . ” Having been on the Central West Wranglers team in the past, Le Lievre was asked if Murphy could be an aviator for the selection. “I’m looking to the future, definitely. He’s definitely pretty good,” he said. “But to be seriously considered for these kinds of teams he would have to do well in the foal program. He would still be eligible for foals this year but he didn’t make himself available for that. the only hurdle but I think if he wanted to give cricket a decent run he would definitely be in for it for sure. more than him. But I respect that and we are just grateful to have him play every once he’s available. T20 hopefuls, Le Lièvre knows the big challenges are yet to come. secret that our two toughest games are our next two games with St Pats Old Boys which paid off on Saturday and Orange City. 20 / 20 is one of those things you have to bank your winnings. “I would love to see us make it to the final, but the reality is that we will probably have to win our last two games to get there. I think the team balance is there and we’ve been able to total and defend a total in our two games so far, so two different winning styles with different players contributing with the ball. You have to participate to earn it. ”Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date information to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: