Motley Team of Football Fanatics Launches USA Today Sports + Apps Campaign

USA Today turned to a colorful collection of larger-than-life football “super fans” to help promote the launch of its Sports + app.

The digital subscription service offers something for even the most die-hard fans by bringing together all of the sports coverage produced by parent company Gannett, including scores, stats, standings and group chats. The Sports Compendium is the ultimate resource for football fanatics who want ‘Fan Harder’.

The sports billboard and video creation are led by KesselsKramer, in conjunction with the USA Today creative and brand marketing team.

Dedicated super fans have been chosen to represent seven teams from seven cities where Sports + will debut, including the infamous St Vince of Green Bay and the all-time star Ron ‘Crackman’ Crachiola of Detroit.

By capturing the intensity of passions and the singular focus of dedicated fans who think of nothing else, the campaign seeks to encapsulate the spectrum of emotions that come with putting all your heart on the line for your favorite team, from l ecstasy to discouragement.

Michael Reed, CEO of Gannett, said, “Gannett is betting big on sports. We are well positioned to reach our sports audience of over 53 million sports fans and capitalize on our extensive network of over 500 dedicated sports journalists, providing unparalleled local access and perspective.

“Our strategic agreement with Tipico, our incredible sports journalism and our presence on USA Today Network will ensure that Sports + engages our existing subscriber base and attracts new audiences as we deliver exclusive content, experiences and product offerings so that fans could literally wither stronger. “

Photographer and videographer Joseph Cultice captured these peaks and dips of emotion written on the faces of 29 fans and a dog to celebrate the engagement of fans whose dedication to the sport they love is as strong as the athletes. that they love.

KesselsKramer has just delivered an 11-story exhibition wall in downtown Los Angeles after reusing the windows of a CitizenM hotel to paint a portrait of local life.

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