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Married couple on flight to Las Vegas thanks to Southwest crew and passengers

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – An Oklahoma City couple said their “I do” mid-flight on a flight to Vegas after their connecting flight was canceled.

Pam and Jeremy Salda thought it would be fun to elope and get married in Vegas.

“Within two hours we’ve booked a flight, we’ve booked a hotel, I’ve bought a dress and we’re good to go,” Pam Salda said.

On Sunday, April 24, Pam and Jeremy were fully dressed to travel. The couple stopped over in Dallas. While at DFW airport, their flight kept getting delayed and delayed. Eventually it was cancelled.

A man named Chris who was on their same canceled flight approached the couple at the door. He told them he was an ordained minister. He offered to help, and the three of them booked a flight on Southwest to Dallas Love Field 20 minutes away.

They barely managed to catch their flight. Once the pilot discovered he was on board to help the couple.

“And he asks if you two are trying to go to Vegas to get married and I said – well, we’re going to try but I don’t think we’re going to make it, so I think we’re just going to get married on this plane and he really says? Yeah. And it felt like they had done it 100 times. Everything fell into place,” said Pam Salda.

Flight attendants hung toilet paper streamers and created a sash made of pretzel snack bags strewn with pictures of cocktails for Chris Mitcham, the ordained minister.

“Once we got to cruising altitude and were able to get out of our seats, we had a wedding,” Pam Salda said.

The passengers pressed their call buttons to turn on the plane as Pam descended the island of the plane.

“Everyone’s cellphone turns on and their lights are on and it just turns on and it was almost magical to walk eerily around this island with all these lights on the phones and people taking selfies and music and we got married at the front of the plane,” Pam Salda said.

Jeremy said he felt at peace.

“You know since I met her – I don’t know if we get to two in August, nothing surprises me. It’s like adventure finds her,” said Jeremy Salda.

Passengers volunteered to help.

“At the very back of the plane is a wedding photographer and she says you would like me to take pictures and we were like yes of course. Another passenger in front of us in the row in front of us she had a little donut and she said here I have a donut, would you like this to be your wedding cake? So we gave each other a piece of donut. Probably the most touching thing was that she also had a little notebook to spiral and she ripped out the pages that she had written and then wrote the wedding guest album for our flight, and it went all over the plane, and so many people wrote nice, sweet messages. Like after, when we got to read it, we got choked up, I couldn’t even read them out loud, they were so sweet,” Pam Salda said.

Chris Mitcham, the ordained minister, is also streaming and shot a 4k video.

The couple danced to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

“Southwest’s corporate culture of allowing its employees to be flexible to adapt on the fly and to do what they can to make passengers happy and you know that was an experience anyone in this airplane would never forget,” said Jeremy Salda.

They are grateful for the crew and grateful for Chris, the stranger who made it all possible.

“It never would have happened if he hadn’t been the guy who walked up to a girl in a wedding dress and a guy in a suit at an airport and said what’s going on? And I think that I can help you and he started all this and you know friend for life,” Pam Salda said.

The couple invited Chris to attend their destination wedding in Cabo in August.