Maidenhead golf course protest march scheduled for Friday

A PROTEST march against future plans to build hundreds of homes on a 132-acre greenfield site is due to take place this Friday.

Maidenhead Great Park is set to enter the fourth round to voice its opposition to the ‘environmentally damaging’ development of more than 2,600 homes in South West Maidenhead, which includes Maidenhead Golf Course.

The site forms part of the adopted Borough Local Plan (BLP), which sets aside several sites across the Royal Borough for thousands of homes. The local plan was deemed “sound” and likely to be adopted by an independent planning inspector after a rigorous review process and public consultations.

A judicial review against the BLP has been formally filed by Maidenhead Great Park.


The environmental campaign group will walk the public footpath that partially intersects the golf course site on Friday, April 22, which falls on Earth Day.

Maidenhead Great Park Chief Tina Quadrino urged as many people as possible to join in the event.

She said: ‘This massive overdevelopment of our town will make it a major building site, causing significant disruption and stress to the people of Maidenhead and surrounding villages over the next 10 to 15 years. There will be more traffic, congestion, noise, flooding and air pollution, as well as increased pressure on local infrastructure, health and social services.

Maidenhead Great Park protesters outside the town hall

“The development of the golf course will destroy the forests and wildlife habitats, as well as the green lung of Maidenhead. It will also rob us of the opportunity to create Maidenhead Great Park and take action to make our town a better place to live in the face of climate change.

The Maidenhead Great Park Trail Procession will start at the Shoppenhanger’s Road end of the Golf Course Trail, at 6.30pm. The trail entrance is next to Frederick’s Hotel & Spa on Shoppenhanger’s Road, Maidenhead SL6 2PZ.


The Royal Borough Council has previously said only 1% of its Greenbelt land is under development and is consulting to make the South West Maidenhead site sustainable.

A spokesperson previously said: “Having a new sound and adopting BLP puts the borough in a strong position to meet, in a sustainable way, all of our local housing and employment needs, to seize opportunities for investment and regeneration, guard against unsupported speculative development and protect our precious natural and historical built heritage.