Lionel Messi adds luxury ski resort to growing hotel empire

Football legend and Barcelona icon, Lionel Messi, is clearly not just content with being one of the greatest to ever honor the sport, he also wants to dominate the hospitality industry. Since 2017, La Pulga Atomica has owned the MiM Hotels hotel chain, with several properties operated by the Majestic Hotel group of its brother Rodrigo. Their latest opening, Hotel MiM Baqueira, is a 141-room luxury ski resort located right next to the ski lifts of Spain’s largest and most visited Alpine Escape.

Located in the heart of the Pyrenees in the generous Aran Valley, Baqueira is frequented by the royal family and, generally, the wealthiest citizens of Spain and France. It is arguably one of the most attractive in the world, dating back to the 1960s resort building boom, with around 167 kilometers of slopes.

The fact that Lionel Messi, with his new ski resort, left a considerable imprint in Baqueira, where the snow is almost always wetter thanks to the proximity of the Pyrenees to the sea, is a big step for the off-field legacy of the footballer.

The MiM Baqueira Hotel is currently a four-star property with accommodation offering duplexes, suites and junior suites, as well as expected amenities such as an indoor swimming pool, a fitness center, a restaurant serving local Aranese dishes and international, as well as mountain guide services.

While a travel bubble, like the one now active between Australia and New Zealand, is highly unlikely anytime soon, note that the MiM Baqueira Hotel will start taking bookings from October of this year. And if you have something a little more distant than Thredbo in mind, it is advisable to arrive early. A luxury property right next to the ski lifts of Spain’s biggest and most popular ski resort is obviously going to be very popular.

Besides the Lionel Messi ski resort, the footballer’s growing hotel empire includes other ski-free properties in places like Sitges, Mallorca and Ibiza, making the MiM Baqueria Hotel the first time it has ventured out. far from the beach. That’s not a bad topography to claim, especially when rival football icon Cristiano Ronaldo leans much more on the budget side, being the owner of lifestyle hotel chain Pestana CR7. Obviously, Messi is building up all the way to the top end of the scale here.

Lionel Messi plans to open more locations for MiM Hotels in 2023, the same year he finally turns 35 – the average retirement age in the football world.

The roof of the Lionel Messi ski resort
view of the lionel messi ski resort

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