Kuaishou Launches Meituan Mini Program for Meal Delivery and Consumer Services

China’s short video platform Kuaishou has teamed up with local food delivery and service giant Meituan to integrate their key services, according to a strategic cooperation agreement the two companies reached on Monday.

As part of the deal, Meituan will launch a mini program on Kuaishou’s short video platform. Merchants who use Meituan will be able to list their products, distribute coupons, and provide after-sales service to Kuaishou users through the mini-program.

Short video platforms have reshaped consumer behavior in China. The likes of Douyin and Kuaishou provide a constant flow of content, creating new business opportunities for retail, restaurant and other businesses in the context of e-commerce. As live commerce becomes more mainstream, food delivery and other forms of consumer service are likely to gain traction on short video platforms.

TikTok’s brother Douyin has already incorporated food delivery services into live broadcasts, leveraging its active user base of over 600 million to develop a new line of business.

As Douyin’s main rival, Kuaishou has over 140 million daily active users and is taking a similar step.

Wang Jianwei, vice president of Kuaishou, told a press conference on Monday that the partnership between his company and Meituan would provide new opportunities for content creators in Kuaishou to generate sponsored content. At the same time, Meituan merchants will benefit from a new income channel.

By connecting short videos and live viewers with local businesses like restaurants and gyms, Meituan will gain a major sales channel.

The popular milk tea chains were the first group of merchants to join Meituan’s mini-program on Kuaishou. Other offerings such as hotel and host family listings, ticketing for tourist attractions and beauty salons will likely be added to the mini-program ahead of New Years and the 2022 Spring Festival.

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