It’s A Leakage That Received Online Loans 24 Hours Instantly

24-hour online loans are easy to apply. But do you know that not all 24-hour online loan applications are acceptable? So how do I make a 24-hour online loan application acceptable? Check out the tips below!

In times of need, online loans 24 are the best help and solution. This has been proven by many. As time went on, we no longer relied on friends loans, family loans, or even office loans. With just gadgets and the internet only, we can make loans from anywhere and anytime. This is because the loan is done online.

24-hour online loans are usually provided by P2P lending- type Good Finance company. So they will give you a loan right away without having to contact the bank. This is where the 24-hour online loan difference is made with the bank (Credit Unsecured) Credit issued by the bank. The process of applying for a 24-hour online loan is very easy and the process of disbursement is also very fast because it only takes up to a day. Some 24-hour online lending providers may be able to liquidate the funds in just a few hours.

24 Hour Loan Determination Factors Accepted

24 Hour Loan Determination Factors Accepted

With the simple process of applying online and the fast disbursement process, many people find it easy to apply. But unfortunately, they often take for granted these 24-hour online loans so feel confident that their application will be accepted. However, not all applications that apply to a 24-hour online lender are easily accepted. So that you won’t be disappointed that your application was rejected, so before you apply, it’s a good idea to take a look at some of the 24-hour online lending factors listed below!

Have an ID

The first factor is definitely your ID (proof of citizenship) as proof of proof that you are a citizen of Indonesia. The ID to use is an e-ID. Why e-ID? Because of the e-ID card all of our personal data is complete so that it can be easily accessed by a 24-hour online lender. That way, the 24-hour online lender doesn’t have to worry about finding your data.


In addition to IDPs, there are also NPWPs that you must have because many people fail to apply for a 24-hour online loan simply because they do not have an ID. The National Tax Code is a Taxpayer Identification Number that identifies you as an employee and pays taxes on time. If you have a NPWP, then your 24-hour online lender trust will be higher as they consider you to be disciplined in terms of payment. This NPWP can also be related to the credit history you have because all loan applications, especially bank loans will be recorded on the NPWP.

Have a Personal Account

The deciding factor for your 24-hour online loan is to have a personal account. Why a personal account? With a personal bank account, the lender can match your personal data. Plus the provider can also see the credit history you have at the bank. Some 24-hour online lending providers require that you hold local bank accounts or specific banks so you should be careful when reading the terms and conditions provided. Don’t miss it because they ask for a local bank account number, but instead, you provide an external bank account.

Have a Good Credit History

The last deciding factor is to have a good credit history. Almost 50% of 24-hour online loans are rejected because of poor credit history. The other 50% is because they do not meet the requirements and documents requested. For those of you who still don’t know what credit history is, TimiKimi will explain it to you. Credit history is a history or record of your loan traces. So if you’ve ever applied for a loan (whether it’s a bank or other provider) and have been paying off installment payments, you’ll have a bad credit record.

So if you currently have unpaid installment loan arrears, it is a good idea to pay off these bills first so you can easily apply for a 24-hour online loan.

24-Hour Online Loan Available

24-Hour Online Loan Available

Once you know what factors determine your 24-hour online loan success, it’s time to apply. But where can we apply for a 24-hour online loan? You can apply for a loan on line 24 hours through Good Credit safe and reliable because it is registered in the FSA (Financial Services Authority) so that you avoid online fraud such thing. Good Credit is one of the application-based 24-hour online lenders. You can get a loan ranging from $ 1 million to $ 20 million with a grace period of 180 days (6 months).

How to apply is very easy and quick. After you have prepared all three of the above requirements, you can follow the steps below:

  • Download the Good Credit app on the PlayStore or AppStore
  • Sign up by filling in your personal information in the form of your full name, email address, and phone number
  • Do logged into the application
  • Fill out the requirements of the requested document
  • Determine the loan amount you want and the tenor of your loan
  • Click submit and wait for Good Credit to process your 24-hour online loan application

How’s it easy, isn’t it? It doesn’t take hours and it doesn’t take long, lending because the application process is so easy and tiring. If Good Credit approves your 24-hour online loan application, the funds you borrow will be able to flow directly into the personal bank account you provided earlier.

Get a 24-Hour Online Loan Required and Make a Matched Calculation

Get a 24-Hour Online Loan Required and Make a Matched Calculation

We are often tempted to lend more than is actually due to the convenience provided by 24-hour online lending. But you need to know that this is what makes a lot of people worse off by debt. To apply for a loan as needed. Never add numbers. Do not forget to do the calculations first so you can set the right loan period because if you choose the wrong loan period, it can result in delays in installments due to the inability to pay.

If you feel incapable of taking the short term, take longer. Do not force yourself to take short term installments so that they can pay off quickly. It’s free for you to take a short period of time but eventually, you will pay back the installment payment. So, always calculate the loan amount and take the loan period seriously!

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