Island needs to do better on public transport – The Royal Gazette

Created: May 03, 2022 07:59

A reader offers solutions for bus cancellations

Dear Sir,

Ferry issues received good coverage today (April 18). And a petition signed by 800 people is ignored, or rejected. However, please explain the correlation between medical care in the United States, paid for (including airfare) by individuals and insurance, and savings on canceled ferry routes? Perhaps the government can verify the amount of monetary savings on fuel during ferry cancellations, as staff will still be paid.

When it comes to buses, we hear every day about bus cancellations that negatively impact locals trying to go about their daily lives and studies. However, we have a dedicated bus line to Grotto Bay! Why? Do tourists really want to get to Hamilton at 7:30, 8, 8:30, 9, etc. ? Where are they going so early in the morning? Nothing is open! Do tourists really want to leave so early? And they have to be fully mobile as they can’t get on the bus in the hotel driveway but have to walk to the road?

We have an excellent bus service from St George’s. Why can’t visitors use it? They board at the same bus stop. The only positive in the whole Grotto Bay schedule (18 buses a day to Hamilton) is that the first bus out of Hamilton hopefully helps people who work at the hotel. Later in the morning two buses depart from Grotto Bay but are not supported by a timetable from Hamilton. Do they come up empty?

We must do better. Listen to your people, please… for a better Bermuda.


Saint Georges