Iranian Red Crescent Society provides medical services to Iranian Hajj pilgrims in Makkah

Mahdi Abbassian
Press TV, Makkah

Thousands of Iranian pilgrims have arrived in the holy city of Mecca for the Hajj pilgrimage. This once-in-a-lifetime journey requires spiritual and physical preparation. It is an arduous journey and pilgrims usually start exercising before heading to Makkah to improve their physical condition.

However, what if pilgrims get sick or injured? To ensure that Iranian pilgrims will receive proper and timely medical services during their Hajj pilgrimage, the Islamic Republic Red Crescent Society has taken special measures.

First of all, all Iranian pilgrims have checks in the country to ensure that they are healthy and in good physical condition. After receiving medical clearance to travel to Saudi Arabia, each Hajj caravan is accompanied by a doctor.

Doctors accompany pilgrims to their hotels and provide outpatient services. Three medical clinics operate 24/7. In addition, a well-equipped hospital in the city of Makkah currently provides specialist services to Iranian pilgrims.

While there have been no cases of serious illness or injury so far, Iranian doctors are asking pilgrims to take care of their health.

Pilgrims should also be careful not to contract infectious diseases and wear masks in crowded gatherings and places.

The Iranian medical team sent to Saudi Arabia has held the title of the best team for several years. And the key to their success is the dedication and love of the medical staff.

Providing different services to Iranian hajj pilgrims is not just a duty for the medical staff here, but rather an honor.