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From suffering to huge success in times of covid pandemic, digitization and technology. Nothing is impossible !

Education is the passport to the future, because tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

-Malcolm X

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, September 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — IPC Group is a leading company that offers VR headset programs for education and training with corporate and travel services. While being one of the first to take a sustainable approach to VR headsets, our mission is to make learning more interesting and enjoyable.

One of our core principles at IPC is to incorporate a sustainable approach into programs and ensure a safe environment. Programs are customized through creativity and innovation for the best user experience, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

We are the first educational providers with such a unique approach to learning. Our VR headsets are unique solutions for learning about topics such as globalization, history, geography, literature, social studies and volunteering. Students learn through VR technology to learn and understand concepts faster and better, independently and efficiently. Using VR headsets, students receive personal training, and they can independently review and learn the course at their own pace.

The IPC Group aims to cater to a wider clientele, through various services such as event management, solo or corporate travel services, and virtual and augmented reality programs. We are one of the sustainable travel agencies, redefining business with our unique approach to virtual travel. Now everyone can see the wonders of the world without any barriers or physical restraints.

Inspired and motivated by the times of Covid, we are now expanding our business across the globe. Soon we are expanding into the hospitality industry to change the traditional travel experience. User can explore various destinations, hotel rooms, nature and much more with our VR headsets.

Helping and making life easier for others is our main goal, and now we are launching healthcare solutions for dementia patients. We believe in sharing everything we receive and strive to maintain the durability and authenticity of our work.

“Thank you to then Minister of Commerce, Chan Chun Sing, who encouraged entrepreneurs like me to redefine our business by embracing digitalization. Today, we are one of the most successful travel agencies transforming during the Covid pandemic,” said Raj Kumar, IPC Group Managing Director.

About IPC Group
IPC Group is the collaborative service delivery platform for business, tourism and education. With over thousands of clients, the IPC Group is reshaping education and training modes, while including a sustainable approach to its services and programs. Founded by Rajkumar, IPC Group is headquartered in Singapore and is considered one of the trusted companies for tourism business and management.

VR headsets have been a huge success for us, this exceptional technology has generated increased revenue and given people job opportunities, more profit margins through niche solutions and provided franchise opportunities across the world .

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