I’m cabin crew – and here’s my genius tip for when you need more of an outlet at the airport

A stewardess has revealed an awesome hack for when you need more of an outlet at the airport.

Isabel Lenihan, who posts on TikTok under the username @isabellenihan, shared her experience of traveling through an airport while using a handy trick to keep all her electronic devices fully charged.


Isabel’s handy trick keeps all her electronics fully charged1 credit
His awesome hack could save you a ton of time and hassle


His awesome hack could save you a ton of time and hassle1 credit

Keeping track of your battery life can be a pain no matter where you are, but that’s especially the case at the airport.

From a full charge, you might be lucky enough to use your phone for an entire day before it bites the dust.

And at a time when most Irish passengers keep their essential travel documents and boarding passes on their phones, a dead battery could spell disaster for your holiday.

It has become particularly common as unprecedented delays become more frequent at dozens of European airports.

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And in situations like this, there can be fierce competition for a free catch.

Fortunately, Isabel has the solution, and we can’t believe we didn’t think of it sooner.

Multiple socket extension cords are an unrecognized staple of Irish homes.

However, they might prove to be a lifesaver the next time you take off.

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The cabin crew simply found a free outlet, plugged in her extension cord, and viola, she has enough space to charge all of her devices.

Extenders are relatively inexpensive, can fit in a purse, and usually have enough space to charge four devices, meaning you and your friends will never run out of juice.

This hack is also very useful for those trying to get some work done during a long layover, when finding a charging station for your laptop and other electronic devices is a must.


The travel TikToker added in the comments that its “game changer” hack can even be used in hotel rooms with the right adapter, making it the perfect vacation companion.

Now that your phone is charged it’s going to need a place to rest, luckily an Irish travel fan has revealed a handy airport hack ‘you didn’t know you needed’.

Jay Kavanagh, who posts on TikTok under the username @jaykavanagh7, shared a video of a cheap trick he uses to carry his suitcases through the airport.

With the recent and unprecedented delays and disruptions at Dublin Airport, Jay has offered a solution for those who might be stuck in queues and need a place to rest their drink or phone.

The hack is part of his new “Amazon finds” series.

He said: “This is the travel hack you didn’t know you needed.

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“It’s a cup holder for your suitcase, you just attach it to the handle of your suitcase and it’s that simple.

“You can put your phone drink in it however you want and it was only £12 from Amazon.”