I was almost taken away by a cleaning crew last night

Last night we had our case run on The Yak to celebrate our guy Lil Sasquatch’s 21st birthday. It had been in the works for months and it was a very fun event. I’m 36 now. I am married and have two young children. It was going to be a late night filled with lots of beer, so I picked up a hotel for the night in town. My wife wished me luck and told me to just “be careful”. I figured she was talking about the beer, so I made sure to pace myself accordingly and not get too sloppy.

One of the rules we instituted was a 2 minute pee break that would be activated by one of the teams calling a time out. We are therefore talking about a maximum of five pee breaks for the entire case run. Each was valuable once the seal was broken, so you had to hurry. During a surprise time out, everyone dispersed to the nearby restrooms. Unfortunately, I had no idea that the cleaning crew had just cleaned the very hallway I was about to rush down. From there, you could imagine how things went. I edited it for the legendary Jim Ross to call my spill.

In the end, it was worth it, and it turned out to be probably my favorite show we’ve ever done. Check out the full show here:

*embed the link because for some reason the show link doesn’t work well with the blog at this time.

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