Hidden Story: Founder of CR England Trucking Empire Spends Night in Twin Falls Jail | Local

Gene’s dad taught him how to drive when he was 8, he recently told the Timetable-News. Eventually, his father widened his route to include Wyoming and Idaho, where Gene got his driver’s license at age 14.

Twin Falls County in 1934 was full of apple orchards, Gene said. Old England would buy a truckload of apples from Harry Heller Orchard, then haul the load to Rock Springs, Wyoming, where it would sell the apples to a grocer named Hoffman. Hoffman often paid England for apples with a check.

England would then buy a load of coal from Rock Springs for resale at Twin Falls.

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On one of their trips, Gene’s father paid Heller with one of Hoffman’s checks, he told the Timetable-News. But Hoffman, for some reason, stopped paying the check.

“Harry has gone mad,” said Gene.

England tried to avoid Heller until he could work things out, but, on a future trip to Twin Falls, England and her son were encountered by the Twin Falls County Sheriff. , Forrest Prater. Heller had England thrown in jail, leaving his 15-year-old son alone in an unnamed hotel on Main Avenue.

The next morning, Gene convinced Heller to release his father.

“I don’t know if mom ever knew about this …” Gene wrote in his book.

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