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To meet the growing demand for sustainable alternative packaging for non-alcoholic craft beverages, Free Flow Wines has expanded its kegging and canning services to include both wine and non-alcoholic products.

SONOMA, Calif., March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Free Flow Wines, the pioneers of premium wine on tap, will expand their wine-focused cask and canning services to now include non-alcoholic beverages on their Sonoma, California establishment. The new program will provide turnkey refill services for sparkling waters, botanical teas, kombucha, coffee and other non-alcoholic craft beverages.

“With the increase in demand for non-traditional wine products and ready-to-drink non-alcoholic beverages in sustainable packaging, we are excited to expand our offering to support our innovative partners,” said Rich BouwerChief Executive Officer.

Free Flow’s canning program accommodates a range of formats including 375ml, 355ml, 250ml and 187ml cans with fully automated packaging for cartons, trays and closed cases. Their full-service keg rental, filling and logistics program supports winery customers around the world and uses only 100% reusable stainless steel kegs to ensure the lowest carbon footprint for wines served by the glass. on the spot.

Free Flow’s high-speed kegging and canning lines accommodate both small and large volume projects with an emphasis on minimizing waste and producing a quality-driven product every time. times. Their winemaking services include on-site blending, additions, cross-flow filtration, and precise in-line carbonation. They also have 324,000 gallons of temperature-controlled bulk wine storage on-site to give customers more flexibility to fill on demand.

“To date, we are proud to say that we have eliminated nearly 45 million pounds of waste from landfills through our Kegging program. As our business evolves, we aim to continue to reduce the environmental impact of the wine and hospitality industries, while providing the best quality-focused wine packaging services,” said Heather Clausscommercial director.

To support their sustainable mission, Free Flow’s Sonoma The 58,000 square foot facility recovers 95% of all wastewater used to clean drums and tanks, and has implemented best practices to minimize waste and reduce energy consumption. With over 180,000 kegs in its fleet and growing demand for expanded on-premises draft beverage programs and sustainable packaging, Free Flow will continue to provide solutions to the wine and hospitality industries to help reduce waste and to improve the quality.

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Free Flow Wines, the pioneer of premium wine on tap, aims to deliver the freshest, tastiest and most sustainable glass of wine. Free Flow’s keg rental, filling, logistics and canning services have enabled the wine and hospitality industries to transition to a greener, fresher and better way of serving wine by the glass. Founded in 2009, Free Flow now has more than 170 wine partners from all over the world. Free Flow’s premium cask and canned wines are available in restaurants, hotels, retail stores, sports and entertainment venues nationwide. Free Flow Wines is currently headquartered in Sonoma, Californiaand a production plant in Bayonne, New Jersey.

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