Falkirk Region Candirk Crew Win Ice Cream Title at National Awards

The company – which has branches in Grangemouth, Rumford, Denny and Stenousemuir – recently won the Ice Cream Parlor of the Year award at the Marriott Hotel in Glasgow.

This follows Confit capturing the Dessert Company of the Year when the awards were last presented in 2019.

Candied owner and founder Amrit Dhillon attended the ceremony with his family and his Candied “family” – team members from various branches – to collect the honor.

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Confit boss Amrit Dhillon wins ice cream parlor of the year

“It was nice for the team to see all of their hard work and commitment recognized nationally. Your business is only as strong as the people you have around you. When you have good people around you, that helps you achieve your vision.

“You are only as good as your team and the team at Candied are talented and dedicated.”

Amrit and the team were joined by around 150 representatives from Scotland’s best takeaways at the Marriott.

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Candied’s team look cool at the 2022 Scottish Takeaway Awards

A spokesperson for the awards said: “Takeaways have been around for so long and are an integral part of our high streets and our culture. There is no doubt that this is a fast growing sector and will continue to shake up the Scottish economy as more and more food entrepreneurs choose to provide takeaway food and delivery services.

“The Scottish Takeaway Awards 2022 have provided an excellent opportunity to showcase those who have performed well over the past year and who are considered the top pick by the public.”

Aside from the prestige of their new title, the unprecedented tar melting temperatures bombarding the UK at the moment haven’t really hurt business for Amrit and the award-winning team Candied.

Amrit said: “Things are going very well right now – with the weather in particular. I also think it has a lot to do with coming out of lockdown. People want to do things with family and friends and get out and enjoying things again.

“Of course this good weather helps – may it continue for a long time. The thing is that with Scotland we are lucky if we have this kind of weather for a few weeks during the year.”