Differences between VIP flights and standard services: the cabin crew perspective

Private jet travel is out of reach for most people unless you have $70 million spare to buy the latest Bombardier Global 7500 or Gulfstream G700. But those who can’t afford their own private jet can charter one, though it still comes with a hefty fee. Of course, these planes have a very long range and the fastest speed (and the comfort is supreme).

Now, with the pandemic, there has been more demand for private jet travel, with airlines restricting routes and times (where applicable). Chartering space in a private plane allows ultra high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) to travel when and where they want. Of course, some companies have found that using a private jet is cheaper than paying for plenty of business class seats for their employees as well.

Private jets are spotless and high standards of cleanliness are expected. Of course, you won’t have any guests on board that you don’t know. But how are VIP flights different from a standard commercial flight?

Refined cuisine on board. Photo: bomber

Travel on demand

First, you can choose what time and where you want to travel, and the plane and crew will be there. The customer will mostly be flying from a small private terminal or FBO (Fixed Base Operator), so there will be less hassle and hardly anyone compared to regular airports. There is no waiting.

From there, the customer will be taken a short distance by limo to the steps of the aircraft for immediate boarding, where they will be personally greeted by the captain and crew. Once the customer has settled into the luxurious leather seats, they can choose to have canapes and champagne, as they wish, before take-off, which will be imminent.

There’s no waiting when traveling privately. Photo: Private Jet Charter

Luxury never ends

Premium private jets are designed to be supremely comfortable and the height of luxury, with everything from gold fittings in the bathrooms to the finest china, Baccarat and Christofle glassware, high-end silverware of range as well as the best cashmere blankets. Some have private showers and sleeping quarters depending on aircraft type and design, often chosen by the private owner and their needs. Most have seats that convert to flat beds at a minimum. Wireless Internet and the ability to make calls from the ground are standard.

There are fresh flowers, custom menus, a selection of light grazing platters, and the latest movies and magazines. All amenities are premium brands (everything from hand cream and shoe cleaner to cashmere socks). We also welcome pets and children and can arrange special treats for them as well. Some private jet airlines have a curated wine selection or even onboard book clubs – that’s luxury in the extreme.

No airline meals here

The catering is personalized according to the customer, this can go through special requests (always granted!) or the profile of the passenger if he has already traveled with us. Whether it’s lobster thermidor, beluga caviar and Krug champagne or a Middle Eastern feast (or sometimes just a McDonald’s), we’ll make it happen. Whether you need a birthday, a certain brand of chocolates or a certain bouquet of flowers, it will be there.

Meals are on a very different level. Photo: Culinary Air

Service is exactly when the guest wants it and food is cooked to order and presented as a 5 star restaurant meal would be. Meals are usually individually prepared, but can be served buffet style or family style, as desired. It’s a pretty formal service, somewhere between silver service and butler. Passengers can have as much food and drink as they want, or as little.


If the client wishes to sleep, we can make a bed for him without any problem. Nothing is too much trouble for them. The air hostess is available on request and must be discreet and “invisible” as well. Our customers are often high profile personalities, so we have to sign confidentiality agreements to not disclose anything about the passenger.

Of course, once we reach the destination, still in a private terminal, we say goodbye and the limo awaits our client to be taken to the 5 star hotel or to their own private estate.


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