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CYMS explosive opening batsman Nick Murphy blew up the green and gold to a dominant first round victory over Kinross in the Royal Hotel Cup. CYMS kicked off their campaign at Wade Park on Sunday morning – the first of a double header, with the Cavaliers playing ORC in the final game – and it was the opening partnership between Murphy and veteran Mick Delaney that gave the your. The pair hit nearly 10 assists for the first 12 assists, Murphy unleashed 73 of 50 balls (146 hit rate) while Delaney hit 59 of 42 (s / r 140) to take play off the students early on. . . Both were eventually sacked, but Dave Neil’s 25-year-old cameo came in at a strike rate of nearly 180, which saw CYMS soar to 3-179 from 20 overs. The students were valiant, but never in the fight despite 20 overs, to go down 65 points. Murphy admits his sleeves were about keeping it simple. “I went over there and just tried to do my thing,” he said. And he’s convinced it’s the kind of victory that can propel CYMS into a position of strength for the remainder of the tournament. “We definitely have the kind of team that can go a long way,” he added. It’s a sentiment shared by Neil, who said the team’s efforts on the pitch – evidenced by a superb catch from slim-leg veteran spinner Al Dhatt – were as comprehensive as he saw them. on the CYMS side. Johnty French (2-32) and Aquinder Dhillion (2-23) each took a few wickets in the win, while Dhatt (1-20) four overs and skipper Hugh Le Lievre (1-18) pulls four overs every two proved stingy. “It was a wicket belt and with 180 on the board we were confident to defend that,” said Neil. “We played pretty well, clean enough. They needed that quick start to have hope, but we stopped it. We took Mac (Webster) out early and they never threatened.” Neil said he was thrilled for his “incredibly powerful” teammate, Murphy. “They started from the start. Murphy hits them clean and all over. He’s all-powerful. Delaney probably had a little more skill, crawl and that sort of thing… but neither of them cared. to run, ”he said. Dave Hunter had the highest score for Kinross at 39 out of 45. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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