Chillhouse founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton is building a personal care empire

Artwork by Peter Oumansky

In every issue, GRAZIA USA spotlights Game Changers, who inspire, educate and celebrate individuality, beauty and style. Meet Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, the founder and CEO of Chillhouse building a personal care empire.

My entrepreneurial journey started about 10 years ago now. So it’s been a while. It was a fork in the road for me. I had recently been laid off from my first full-time job due to cutbacks and things like that. And at that point, I was trying to decide if I wanted to look for another corporate job or if I wanted to do my own thing. Mind you, I never really had any corporate experience. I would say my first corporate job was not corporate at all. It was a small team of maybe four of us, and I was the second arm of the founder.

I never had that experience, and I was really nervous about going into it, whether I was going to enjoy it or not. So I thought, “I can’t do this. I don’t think I can work for anyone anymore. I’m done.” That’s not to say that entrepreneurship is a smooth journey. But, at that point, I was like, “This just isn’t for me.” So I’m done by asking my husband if he could help me start a very interesting and uniquely positioned influencer agency. Back then, influencers were barely a thing; it was the very early days of Instagram.

I also started my own blog for a few years, and it was quite well known in New York, which eventually turned into brand partnerships and influence, but very, very early on. Then my husband opened his first business, The Garret in West Village. And so, I became a partner in this. But after a while, in-person relationships and the physical space to hang out with friends and meet new people started to run out. And that’s kind of how Chillhouse was born. It was just a combination of things that really led me to this place.

I like to see where the road takes me, rather than map each step. But you can only do it so long until you have to stick to a plan, you know? Decisions can be purely instinctive, from your instincts, not necessarily some kind of evidence or formula. Just instinct, really. And that’s how I mostly run my business rather than having a specific plan.

This year we are very, very careful and strategic about our goals. In the next five years, we definitely want to develop more products and enter more markets. We see ourselves being a global brand one day. I manifest a kind of hotel partnership so that I can be accessible in more cities one day. For me, I see Chillhouse becoming a lifestyle brand with – of course – wellness, mental health, self-care on the surface as the main driver and pillar of the brand, but having other extensions brands that make us a well-rounded brand. brand that you might discover in your home. Or just a different iteration of Chillhouse.

It’s funny because my business is all about letting people get away from their daily lives, but for me, honestly, I just put my phone away and hang out with my baby or take the weekend off. end to completely get away from it all and live the moment with my family and grateful for what we have achieved so far. Life can be hectic, so I like to identify the times when I say to myself, “I need to step back. I just need a minute. I needed a spa. I have to do yoga. I became very good at it, while of course being able to always be there for my team. But I also set limits if I feel overwhelmed. I think I really identified what it is for me, which took me a while to do. Also, having a bit of a routine has really helped me compartmentalize a bit more.

– As told to Ty Gaskins.