Cast and crew on what makes After The Verdict so different from other TV shows

After the judgment tells the story of four very different Australians who have just completed their jury duty in a high-profile murder trial. As they return to normal life, they begin to question their verdict and take matters into their own hands, investigating the murder themselves while juggling the pressures and impacts on their personal lives.

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Australian drama series features a stellar cast of Aussie actors, including Magda Szubanski (Kath & Kim, baby, happy feet)Michelle Lim Davidson (The Newsreader)Lincoln Younes (Doctor Doctor, Grand Hotel, Tangle)Tess Haubrich (Wolf Creek, Bad Mothers) and Sullivan Stapleton (Animal Kingdom, Strike Back, Blindspot).

The cast and crew of After the judgment are thrilled to have viewers digging into this comedic mystery. In the exclusive clip above, the cast and crew shared their thoughts on what makes this drama so different from others.

Everything you need to know about After the Verdict on Nine. (New)

Star Lincoln Younes described the series as a “crime thriller with a comedic twist” that promises audiences “something original, something exciting, something dynamic”.

After the judgment the director, Peter Salmon, explained that “This show begins where most other shows end.”

After the verdict, director Peter Salmon
After the verdict, director Peter Salmon opened up about the interesting show. (New)

“You normally see the trial and the decision and we leave the story. It’s like the sequel,” Australian icon Magda Szubanski said.

Co-creator and executive producer Drew Profitt added, “There’s never been anything so focused on what happens next.

“It’s really quite an amazing thing, taking a group of ordinary people and pushing them into a very intense situation. They’re being asked to make such a huge decision and deal with things that are quite violent and disturbing. They’re then sent back to their normal lives.”

It is apparent from the video above that the entire cast and crew take pride in creating a show unlike anything that has been created before.

Lincoln Younes and Magda Szubanski seen in After The Verdict. (New)

Szubanski explained that the show asks, “How are these people who were so crucial, just ordinary Australians, ordinary citizens who were suddenly swept up in a very high stakes drama, how do they deal with this working within the constraints of the law ?

“These jurors feel a huge responsibility to get it right.”

Watch the cast and crew explain what makes After The Verdict so great in the video above.

After the Verdict airs Wednesdays after The Block on Channel 9 and 9Now. You stream the latest episodes for free on 9Now.

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