Calliope Musicals rocks Empire, and more live music during the free week

For local music fans, there’s no better way to start a new year than with Free Week. The official dates for the annual affair for 2022 are January 6-8, but some of the participating sites are kicking off tonight. Here are five must-see shows from the free week. (By the way, be sure to keep an eye out for the individual listings of these shows, as lineups could change due to COVID-related issues.)

Tuesday January 4 at Mohawk
Start your free week on Tuesday, January 4 at the Mohawk alongside a remarkable mix of country acts. Garrett T. Capps and Croy and The Boys will perform outdoors, and Willy McGee, Altamesa, Georgia Parker and Harry & Emma will perform indoors.

Alternative choice: Semihelix, Warmtapes, Gilded Lows at Volstead

Wednesday January 5 at Mohawk
Punk veterans A Giant Dog will headline the Mohawk’s outdoor stage on Wednesday, January 5, and will be joined by an equally energetic group of rock bands including Pleasure Venom, PR Newman and Drakulas. The fun doesn’t end there, however, as Rusty Dusty, Queen Serene, and Midnight Butterfly also play inside.

Alternative choice: Frosty Palms, Billy Glitter at the Vegas hotel

Thursday January 6 at Empire
Empire is organizing a quality program in its control room this Thursday, January 6. The Electric Joint and the Synthesizer Foxtales.

Alternative choice: Lord Friday the 13th, Magic Rockers of Texas, The Juniper Berries, Dream Reamer at Valhalla

Friday January 7 at Empire
See you at Empire this Friday, January 7th for what is arguably the biggest free week event. In the garage you’ll find a wide variety of rock acts including The Bright Light Social Hour, Calliope Musicals, Go Fever, Megafauna, and We Don’t Ride Llamas. The bill for the control room interior is also stacked, with Trouble in the Streets, Night Drive, Los Alcos, and Wez Denzel.

Alternative choice: Annabelle Chairlegs, Big Bill, Hot Cakes, Bad Brands at the Vegas Hotel

Saturday January 8 at Cheer Up Charlies
Those of you in need of a healthy dose of psychedelic rock shouldn’t miss out on swinging Valhalla this Saturday, January 8th. Two genre veterans, Duel and The Well, headline the evening, which also features Billy King and The Bad. Bad Bad and Kab Funeral.

Alternative choice: Magna Carda, Dorio, Mike Melinoe, Positive Thinking at Cheer Up Charlies