Call of Duty: Vanguard – Best Tactics and Strategies on Hotel Royal

If you want to check in at the Royal Hotel, you will need the expertise and strategic know-how to be successful in Call of Duty: Vanguard. From understanding your bar positioning to destructible environments, you’ll soon know how to kick your opponents out of the hotel for good.

Taking room service to the next level, this location on the map has three different directions, just like Gavutu. On the left you will find a courtyard (balcony) ideal for snipers. In the middle is the bar which will quickly become a brawl, and to the right is an open hallway which is nothing but chaos throughout the game. We recommend that you stick to a short to medium weapon in the middle and middle sections. right of the Royal Hotel while wearing a sniper to the left.

SMGs like the M1928 and STEN are particularly nasty on Hotel Royal because the M1928 can allow you to use a larger clip with a high rate of fire, and the STEN is extremely agile with a lower weight. You will need to move quickly around the Hotel Royal map as the action is always intense. We have also noticed that DP27 is particularly popular with gamers because it is a very adaptable weapon, in short, medium and long range scenarios. Assault rifles like the Itra Burst and the M1 Garand can struggle as the action is unpredictable. You will need to be prepared for anything.

Let’s start with the balcony area. As said before, this is a great place to shoot for those who want to take out passing soldiers. However, there are ways to counter snipers. Just before you reach the first door, there is a side walkway through the roof. It is right in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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From there you can sneak around the snipers and if you aren’t detected you can flank them and take them out from the side. There is another way. If you are entering through the bar, a great place to settle down is to cover yourself behind a flowerpot. You can find it on the right side as soon as you leave the inner area. This gives mid-range weapons a chance against snipers, and they won’t see it coming. The same strategy can be implemented on the opposite side but with the stone structure on the right.

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There are two vertical levels on the Hotel Royal plan: the roofs and the hotel floor. On the roofs you will find windows overlooking the kitchen or the service area, depending on which side you decide to enter. Shoot the windows to surprise an enemy below. After exiting the elevator building facing south, there is a great place to camp incoming players on the other side. Pass the elevator building and on your immediate right you will find a ramp. It will cover your right as you focus on enemies arriving at roof level. It’s a cheeky place that will net you a few killstreaks.

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Next, is the bar. The living room and dining room overlook the bar action, but these are not recommended areas for relaxing for long periods of time. The reason is that there are three passages in each room, which makes them problematic. We try to avoid the bar as much as possible as explosives are thrown around the room often, but you are more likely to crouch under the bar. We recommend using a mix of Blind Shot Mechanic and Field Mic Field Upgrade. You will know where each enemy is on the minimap and then you can surprise them with your indiscriminate fire. Another great spot is behind a wooden table near the kitchen.

Finally, is the hallway. This is another chaotic part of the map. With so much firepower and explosive damage straight up, we don’t recommend running into chaos. Instead, you can hover over the wine cellar and toilets on either side, looking at the head every now and then to kill. It also presents a decent vantage point of the bar and surveillance areas (lobby and dining room).

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