Cabin crew on ‘how to ruin a flight attendant’s day’ – don’t ask for help with luggage | Travel News | Travel

A flight attendant who passes by Cierra Mist has detailed a number of ways travelers can “ruin a flight attendant’s day.” Being on the good side of the flight crew can mean better service, so travelers might want to be careful. Cierra claimed that a number of things travelers already do at the airport and on their flights while traveling are enough to ruin a flight attendant’s day.

She detailed that the first annoying thing passengers can do is “ask (the crew) to help you lift your luggage”.

The cabin crew professional continued: “First of all, no crew member is paid while you are boarding.

“In fact, we don’t even start getting paid until the plane door closes and the break is lifted.

“On top of that, if you have trouble lifting it, you can easily have your bag checked at the door, free of charge.”

Arguing with crew over wearing a mask when it’s a requirement is another surefire way to annoy cabin crew, Cierra said.

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Cierra’s TikTok video drew comments from fans, especially on her first point.

Many claimed it was unfair for cabin crew not to help travelers with their luggage.

One wrote: “I get the rest but the first one?? a small bag can be difficult to lift for many people with mobility and muscle issues.”

Another commented: “Can’t you help an old lady put her bags down?” [sic]

She listed the most annoying things airline passengers can do:

  • Walk down the aisle when the drink machine is out
  • Using your phone on the tarmac
  • Not listening to cabin crew

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