Bell: UCP gabfest –– the first rocks, just ask Kenney’s team

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TSUUT’INA NATION – One swing and one failure, but whatever.


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The man tells us Alberta is back, Alberta is up, Alberta is on a Prime Minister-led streak as a flawed but damn good servant of the people who if the planets align as he expects, will lead the United Conservatives to an electoral victory in a year and a half.

He leaves the stage after his speech without a glove placed on him.

Yet for those in the province who dislike Premier Jason Kenney, and there are many of them, his Saturday afternoon address to the United Conservative Party loyalists and the less loyal will not win many hearts and minds. .

For these people, at least those who haven’t ignored Kenney, they want more.

The party is in bad shape in the polls. Kenney’s popularity is in the ditch.

The man named as the savior of Alberta must now try to save himself.


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Do not believe me ? Knock on doors. Ask those who respond what they think of Kenney. You will have your ears full. The task is not for the faint of heart.

You wouldn’t know by listening to Kenney.

Did he admit that his government had lost touch with many Albertans?

Did he admit that his government did not have the confidence of many Albertans?

Did he say his government must do better to reconnect with Albertans? Did he say as Prime Minister that he was responsible for seeing this happen?

Did he answer the question your ink-stained doodler asked a few days ago and did he acknowledge that he has to shoulder at least some of the blame for his party’s position in the eyes of? a large part of the public?

Of course not. This would imply taking responsibility.

But for those who hold on to Kenney and believe the future is so bright that we have to wear sunglasses, their man is awesome. He is truly awesome and Albertans will embrace his greatness once again.


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In fact, the closer people are to the Prime Minister, the more they think their man is taking him out of the park. Go figure it out. They have the impression that he had the party members with him.

People in the seats were enthralled by his performance. It was the best speech ever. So they feel.

They also tell us that they kicked the butt of those who want to give Kenney la hasta la vista.

One thing is certain. There was no embarrassing manifestation of widespread discontent.

But that does not mean that there is no dissatisfaction. Far from there.

Still, if Kenney’s success didn’t blow up in his face this weekend, he did.

It is a very low bar.

Here below, individuals are monitored when they answer questions. They look around before speaking.

“This is confidential, isn’t it?” “


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Everything is just below the surface far from the main event.

Relax in the hospitality suites and listen to the discussions until the wee hours of the morning.

Are we going to be able to get rid of Kenney when his leadership is reviewed next year?

Can we get rid of it first?

Who do we have backstage waiting for? Former Wildrose executive Danielle Smith says she’s ready if the job becomes available. There would be other names.

Yes, there are three groups here.

Do those who want Kenney to go and my boy want him to go.

Then there are those who are always willing to give Kenney a chance but aren’t sure the Prime Minister can adjust his attitude to at least try to be a little less arrogant, a little less a je-know- everything, a little less a one-man band where everyone is a bit of a player.


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Finally, there is a third group which is very, very small.

You don’t hear a lot of people say, “Boy, that Jason Kenney is awesome. I love Jason Kenney. Jason Kenney, he’s our man, if he can’t do it, no one can.

Those who do usually derive a direct benefit from having Kenney in power.


There are buttons that say I Stand With Jason Kenney.

There is no truth to the rumor that there are I Can’t Stand Jason Kenney buttons.

And I support Ralph! button surfaces. Someone is offering to buy it for $ 150, which is $ 149.95 more than the going rate for the Kenney button.

Some people are certainly irritated.

After catching fire from a few potty Kenney enthusiasts who think I’m an “asshole,” I decide to hang out in a hotel bar with the people least likely to mourn the political demise of the Prime Minister.

It is a most curious convention.

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