Banquet waiter who impressed AirAsia boss is offered cabin crew job, thanks to TikTok

Better opportunities will come your way when you do your best in your job.

A young part-time banquet server recently got the offer of a lifetime to work as cabin crew for AirAsia after a TikTok video of him went viral.

The TikTok video was shared by Arman Rashid, Head of Communications and Culture for AirAsia’s Cabin Crew Group. It was from banquet server working at an event at the Concorde Hotel in Shah Alam.

Arman begged the audience to help him find the server. “Anyone who comes across this young man, please tag me (in the comments). AirAsia is currently looking for him. We want to offer him a job in our company.”

“My boss attended an event at the hotel the other day and met the guy. He was very caring and polite. He wants to offer him the job.

They found it!

The video went viral and garnered over 740,600 views at time of writing.

Shortly after it was posted, the banquet server in the video named Izz Ahmad Danial appeared in the comments section where he wrote, “My name is Izz Ahmad Danial. I work at the Hotel Concorde as a banquet server. Sorry, I just noticed your TikTok post. I’m very grateful.”


detailing his experience

Following the massive attention the TikTok video had garnered, Izz detailed the unexpected incident in an interview with mStar.

The 21-year-old works part-time as a banquet server at the Concorde Hotel in Shah Alam since 2019 to earn some extra money.

“On June 26, I did my job as usual. At that time, one of AirAsia’s bosses, Suhaila Hassan (Group Head Flight Attendant), approached me and asked me about my background“, shared Izz.

“All of a sudden she offered me a cabin crew position with the airline, but I don’t have enough qualifications to earn a place in the company.”

Izz said he does not have a Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certificatewhich is considered one of the basic requirements for applying for a cabin crew job.


He explained that he used to study in a ‘tahfiz’ school in Kedah, and at the age of 16, his mother sent him to study in Yemen until 2019.

“But the lady still insisted that I become a steward. She said she would provide me with guidance and training. I have to start at the bottom, and I also have to learn English, in addition to a few other requirements.

“I consider this offer as a new challenge for me. I’m so thankful because not everyone has that opportunity. We must be nice to everyone, even outside working hours. I didn’t expect the current job I’m doing right now to help me get another better job opportunity,” he added.

Watch the video here.

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