A look back at 21 years of peril! Clue Team | J!Buzz

“The plane was late,” Sarah said. “When I landed in Chicago, I took a cab and called the hotel where the auditions were taking place. I spoke to this guy named Bill Goldsmith, who worked on the show for decades. years, and he said to me, “If you can get here before they post the reminders, they’ll still see you.” So during that time, in the taxi, I had written this whole song to play, ‘Ohh, my bags are packed. I’m ready to be part of the Jeopardy! Show.'”

Of the 5,000 people who auditioned for the Clue Crew, Jimmy and Sarah were among the 20 finalists to be called back to come to Los Angeles.

“It felt like you made it,” Sarah said. “I mean, you have to fly first class to Los Angeles and a driver came to pick you up. You stayed at the Beverly Hilton, Merv Griffin’s hotel. And we had this two-day audition. You have to come on set and see the scene. It was so magical.

After the final two-day audition in Los Angeles, both Jimmy and Sarah were offered spots on the Clue Crew, which originally consisted of four members.

As founding members of Clue Crew, Jimmy and Sarah have had the opportunity to visit incredible places around the world, including Antarctica, South Africa, Germany, Galápagos, Israel and Peru — Just to name a few.