5 Hotel Empire Tycoon tips and tricks you should know

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It’s time to get to work and build the best hotel in the mobile world!

Hotel Empire Tycoon – Idle Game Tycoon Puts you in the role of a hotel owner looking to make a lot of money. To do this, you will need to transform your new business venture into a profitable operation that can flourish into even grander hotels over time. We’ve done a lot of building, leveling, hiring, and money management, so we’ve got a pretty good idea of ​​how to be successful in this new idle mobile game. Check out our guide to tips if you’re looking to be a successful hotel owner and become a mobile millionaire in the process!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and tricks you need to know for Hotel Empire Tycoon – Idle Game:

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1. Before you get to work, fill out the VIP campaign meter completely and activate the social media advertising campaign.

Empire Tycoon Hotel

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• Reaping as much profit as possible can be a slow and arduous process in this mobile inactivity experience. In order to get an additional increase in your income, you will have to rely on the VIP campaign and the four available campaign boosters. Before each game session, be sure to watch all the video ads you need in order to get the full two hour VIP campaign booster.

• And also be sure to activate the social media advertising campaign to attract even more visitors and money. The social media campaign is the best of the four available to you, so always go with this one over the others. When you log out before the two hour VIP campaign expires, it will work for you while you are away. By the time you return, you should be greeted with thousands of extra dollars to play with!

2. Refer to the build options in the manage menu and follow the Missions tab to formulate an appropriate game plan.

Empire Tycoon Hotel

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• You are free to build and upgrade whatever you choose to improve the day-to-day operations of your hotel. But you’d be much better off charting your steps towards an improved business by sticking to the build options on the Manage menu and sticking to the tasks listed on the Mission tab.

• Doing so will make it much easier to stay on track and increase your star level. Completing missions earns you extra cash and gems – gems are needed to add premium products to each of your hotel rooms, which goes a long way in pleasing your customers and improving your hotel.

3. Try to purchase all of the items available in a room before you start upgrading them.

Empire Tycoon Hotel

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• As you unlock new rooms and other facets of your hotel, you will need to add different elements to them in order to increase profits and attract more customers to your establishment. Do your best to purchase all of the available items for each unlocked room and other parts of your hotel before you start taking care of all of your other upgrade needs.

• For example, purchase any extra batteries in your electrical room before you start to upgrade them and your generator set as a whole. And improving your parking lot means more visitors will arrive at check-in, which increases the rate at which your hotel makes money. It may take a while for you to purchase the two additional premium items in a room with gems, so it may be best to start upgrading the regular items in a room before getting your hands on those additional goodies. As soon as you have the gems to do so, use them to purchase the premium one-piece items and watch your profits start to skyrocket!

4. Hire a new worker for each facet of your operation once you have built up a stable income.

• You don’t want to hire a whole bunch of workers before you even have a stable amount of money in your hotel. If you hire them too early, you run the risk of them abandoning you when the going gets too tough. Just make sure your front desk, housekeeping, restaurant, and bar have at least one employee on duty when they first open.

• Once you’ve added all of the items to each of those hotel rooms and upgraded them a bit, go ahead and add an extra worker to each. Once you have finally amassed a huge amount of money at a regular rate, be sure to add a third and final member to each of your rooms, as you will be able to pay them regularly from then on.

5. Always keep an eye out for video ad viewing opportunities that earn you extra cash and other bonuses.

• Make sure to keep a watchful eye for any video ad viewing opportunities that appear in the right corner of your screen. A very important customer will show up every now and then and offer you some extra cash every now and then, so watch a video to make that happen.

• The same activity applies to the night jump task which allows you to quickly acquire the benefits of the day before. And when you finally log in the next day to replay the game, always make sure to watch a video ad to double the number of wins you have earned in your spare time. Watching video ads will go a long way Empire Tycoon Hotel.

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