China’s zero tolerance for COVID-19 and strict border controls continue to have serious consequences for crews and ships calling at ports across the country, especially if crew members have tested positive for COVID-19. Treatment of COVID-19 positive crew cases in ChinaChina’s zero tolerance policy towards COVID-19 has proven to beRead More →

CHENNAI: Strict Covid-19 protocols that include mandatory negative RTPCR test results have resulted in long delays in crew changes on ships in the port of Chennai. While representatives of the shipping industry insist that the RTPCR and quarantine procedures are only needed when a person tests positive or exhibits symptoms,Read More →

When it comes to certain directors, they have a unique style that is easily recognizable right from the start of the opening credits. Wes Anderson is one such director, whether you consider his literary storytelling or his visual use of color. RELATED: Royal Tenenbaums Overhaul If Done Today His thirdRead More →