Sonesta International Hotels Corp. officially became one of the largest hotel companies in the world this month after closing a $ 90 million acquisition of RLH Corp., the parent company of Red Lion Hotels. Sonesta has not finished growing up. The company officially launched on Tuesday a merged network toRead More →

Certain types of debt incurred by parents can have adverse effects on children’s socio-emotional well-being, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and Dartmouth published by the journal Pediatrics. The study sheds new light on the link between debt and family well-being, asRead More →

Update March 31, 2015, 7:11 p.m. Watchdog ASIC is investigating a payday lender accused of lending to drug addicts, gamblers and illiterate people, as well as changing the terms of loan contracts after they are signed. All four corners of the ABC discovered disturbing conduct by online lender Good2Go Loans,Read More →

GREAT BRITAIN is gripped by alarming awareness. Not only do we live in an unequal society, but years of austerity have steadily increased the number of those who find themselves dangerously close to calamity. The predictions are that the post-pandemic economic impact will be greater than the 2008 financial crisis.Read More →

At the end of last fall, Max the cat made national and international news. The Washington Post, The Independent and even The Irish News, based in Belfast, wrote about Max and his escapades in Macalester. Max went viral when library workers posted a sign prohibiting Max from entering. Max wasRead More →

I was very moved when I read it – luckily there was no violence, but the picture of a spiral of financial problems and a relinquishment of control is very simple. Karen had suggested that she wanted to tell her story, I asked if she would be willing to letRead More →

People should be careful to avoid a Christmas hangover, financial advisers have warned, despite Australians cutting their credit card bills in the uncertainty of 2020. Key points: Credit card balances fell $ 11.7 billion this year Buy-It-Now and Pay-On-Pay services continue to grow in popularity Financial advisers typically see increasedRead More →

From promoting extensive dental care for those in need, to conserving marine life to promoting new fishing methods, Pew worked with various organizations in 2018 to improve public policy, educate the public and energize civic life. Philadelphia Arts Building on its initial success in Philadelphia, the public art and historyRead More →