20 engagements in four days – Is Princess Anne the hardest working royal?

Princess Anne had four days of whirlwind engagements on a tour to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. (PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images)

She was named the hardest working royal last year and it looks like Princess Anne is serious about defending her title this year.

The Princess Royal, 71, stunned royal watchers after completing more than 20 engagements in just four days on a whirlwind trip to mark Queen Elizabeth’s historic Platinum Jubilee.

He was asked to represent his mother in Australia and Papua New Guinea, where Her Majesty is still the head of state.

“Nice to see Princess Anne in Australia for the Platinum Jubilee. Such an asset to the Royal Family,” one fan wrote on social media.

What’s even more impressive is that Princess Anne did it all with no frills or frills. Sources say royal staff are ‘lost in admiration’ because she goes about her schedule with minimal drama.

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It’s been reported that she’s flown around 40,000 miles on commercial airlines, hasn’t had an evening off since starting this string of engagements, stayed in £185 hotels (about £3,485 R) and even packed his own suitcase. To top it off, she even did her hair and makeup for this engagement and wowed fans with her outfits.

His commitments started last Thursday after a full day of commitments at Liverpool. The Princess Royal returned to London by helicopter and boarded a commercial flight to Sydney. And as soon as she landed on Saturday morning, she attended her first engagement with the Governor of New South Wales, followed by another with the Governor General and Queen’s official representative in Australia.

The Princess Royal receives flowers during a visit

The Princess Royal receives flowers during a visit to the Sea Heritage Foundation at Waverton in Sydney, Australia. (PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images)

She spent the rest of the day at the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW’s Bicentennial Sydney Royal Easter Show, where she was seen speaking to local farmers about the challenges of living off the land after years of drought and flooding . Later that evening, the Princess was the guest of honor at a dinner at Sydney’s Olympic Park.

Princess Anne in talks with an Australian Army soldier

Princess Anne chats with Australian Army soldiers during her visit to Holsworthy Barracks in Sydney. (PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Princess Anne, who was accompanied by her husband, Sir Tim Laurence, and her private secretary, Charles Davies, was reportedly on her feet the entire time, engaging and meeting many guests.

The Princess Royal in a good mood at the Bicenten

Princess Anne in high spirits at the Bicentennial Sydney Royal Easter Show. (PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images)

After Sydney, she traveled to Papua New Guinea, where she followed an equally packed schedule which began on Monday.

Among other engagements, she met Prime Minister James Marape, before having dinner with representatives of several charities.

“It’s pretty amazing. She hasn’t stopped whipping herself since the moment she left the UK. And to think that she will be 72 this summer. Remarkable, ”says a source.

Princess Anne with the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

Princess Anne with the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, James Marape, on the first day of the royal trip to the country. (PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that his royal engagements and tours never really drew big crowds, but fans around the world marvel at his incredible work ethic. “He’s a real workhorse. She, more than any other member of the British royal family, supported the model of monarchy promoted by her own mother,” said royal commentator and historian Dr Ed Owens.

The Princess addresses a dinner with representatives from several charities..

The Princess addresses a dinner with representatives of several charities. (PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Last year, Anne undertook 387 official engagements as she took over after the Queen’s frail health reportedly prevented her from appearing in public.

Despite being five years past retirement age, Princess Anne, like her mother, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. “I don’t think retirement is quite the same [for me]she told Vanity Fair in 2020.