10 Things Only Marvel Comics Fans Know About The Wrecking Crew

She-Hulk: Lawyer featured The Wrecking Crew in its third episode. This Asgardian-powered team of villains promises to play a bigger role in the streaming series and that makes sense as they play a pretty consistent role in Marvel Comics, especially against foes like Thor and Hercules, which they fought in major battles.

The Wrecking Crew may not be among the most powerful or compelling supervillains in the Marvel Universe, but they are connected to many key moments and storylines that offer potential clues to their MCU future. Their comics may also point to developments for other key live-action characters.


ten The towtruck

It all starts with The Wrecker. The Wrecker first appears in Thor #148 in 1967, an ordinary thief who inadvertently stumbles upon a great power. Dirk Garthwaite breaks into a hotel room where Loki is summoning Karnilla to return the powers Odin took in an iconic storyline from the Thor comics.

Karnilla mistakes Garthwaite for Loki and grants him superpowers. The Wrecker used his newfound superhuman strength to destroy things, which led to his first confrontation with Thor. Their Silver Age battles carried over into modern times, though it would be several years before The Wrecking Crew emerged.

9 The demolition crew

The Wrecking Crew formed in 1974 in The defenders #17. The team arises after The Wrecker, imprisoned by Thor for his crimes, distributes his power to three other inmates to escape. He uses his magical powers to harness a lightning bolt in his crowbar. This transfers power into Piledriver, Bulldozer, and Thunderball.

They escape from prison and fight The Defenders alongside Power Man, among Marvel Comics’ most powerful Avengers, immediately establishing them as major enemies for Marvel’s main heroes.

8 enchanted powers

The Wrecking Crew possess incredible superhuman strength, instantly ranking them among the strongest Thor villains in Marvel Comics. Their power derives entirely from Wrecker’s crowbar, which gained its own power from contact with its enchanted skin. They collectively share superhuman strength, stamina, and agility.

However, the Wrecking Crew only maintain their power when close to the Crowbar. If the other three members besides Wrecker stray too far from it, their powers diminish, which could factor into the MCU as well.

seven thunder ball

Thunderball Dr. Eliot Franklin also brings an enchanted weapon into the mix. He wields a ball and chain enchanted by the power of Wrecker’s crowbar. The ball and chain also generate bolts of energy and work much like the crowbar, in that they return to Thunderball after throwing it at an opponent.

Thunderball is among the smartest people in the Marvel Universe, though he uses his extensive knowledge of gamma radiation and its effects to misuse it. The defenders #17. He helps create a gamma bomb with which the team threatens New York.

6 Bulldozer

Bulldozer doesn’t have an enchanted weapon, but he wears unique armor that makes him instantly recognizable to his enemies. His specially designed armor surrounds his head and upper body. He primarily uses the helmet as a battering ram, best used against Avengers Mansion in Under Siegeamong the best Avengers comic stories of all time.

Like the other members, Bulldozer possesses superhuman strength and stamina, but his powers diminish whenever he strays too far from the crowbar, which happens on occasion.

5 Piledriver

Piledriver also fights without a weapon but he doesn’t really need one. His hands are more than qualified. Piledriver’s hands have grown much larger due to his powers, and as a result, he possesses much more superhuman strength than others. This makes him particularly dangerous against Thor, as he proved in Thor #304.

He shares the same weakness when it comes to the crowbar, and in the absence of his powers, he’s ended up in prison numerous times, including at the SHIELD-operated Pleasant Hill facility.

4 Limit the damage

The appearance of the Wrecking Crew in She-Hulk: Lawyer probably comes as no surprise to Marvel Comics fans as they share a connection with Damage Control. The team find themselves in The Vault, a superhuman prison run by Damage Control and very similar to that of the streaming series, in Limit the damage #1 since 1989.

Comic book fans know that Damage Control plays a unique role in the Marvel Universe, cleaning up after superhuman battles, but also operating behind the scenes in mysterious ways that could play out in the MCU.

3 Under Siege

The Wrecking Crew deliver their most devastating blow in Under Siege, a seminal Avengers story from the late 1980s. They team up with the Masters of Evil for an all-out war against the Avengers that leads to utter disaster. They first team up to defeat Hercules, beating the Olympian god so severely that he is left in a coma.

They then participate in the cataclysmic assault on Avengers Mansion, destroying the heavily fortified headquarters and wounding Jarvis, Iron Man’s butler, in the process. If The Wrecking Crew hangs out in the MCU, this story could unfold in live-action.

2 Secret Wars

The team could also consider the MCU Secret Wars. The Wrecking Crew ended up on Battleworld along with all of Marvel’s other major superheroes and villains in the original 1985 event. They fought She-Hulk in Secret Wars #6, and the battle went just as well for them as they did when they first appeared in the MCU.

The villains appear to kill The Wasp, leading She-Hulk and other heroes to seek justice. She-Hulk proves her extraordinary strength and determination by single-handedly defeating the team.

1 The big house

2004 She-Hulk #5 may hold the key to The Wrecking Crew’s immediate MCU future. This directed by writer Dan Slott inspired the new show’s focus on Jennifer as a lawyer. In the fifth issue, she visits The Big House, a superhuman prison similar to that of the series, and finds The Wrecking Crew shrunken and placed in a tiny cell.

The Wrecking Crew ended up in the prison after being reduced in size by Pym Particles. This fun outcome could show up in the MCU if he continues to consider the series.

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